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Even Best Fall Down Sometimes Part 1

Even Best Fall Down Sometimes Part 1

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Warning: Self Harm

Summary: George finds out the dark lord has a more emotional side

Rating: NC- 17

George walked down the ornate corridor. Bloody Mandelson, he thought, why can’t he have just given us all the documentation instead of having to chase him up? George turned a corner and headed towards the peers office, frustrated with Mandelson ‘forgetting’ to hand over documents. Soon he arrived at Peter’s office in the House of Lords, He rapped his knuckles on the door, something he hated doing because his knuckles stung like a bastard. There was no reply. Geeorge went to check with the woman he had spoken to over the phone.

“Hello is Mandy in today.” George joked using all his charm.

“Yes he’s in his office.”

“I just checked, he isn’t in.”

“I assure you he is.”

“I assure you he isn’t” George said forcefully, thinking about the waste time this was.

“Maybe he just popped out. He maybe back now.” George mumbled a thank you which wasn’t, in his book deserved and went back to Peter’s office door. Once more George rapped on the door, with every knock his anger rising. Still no answer. George tried at the door knob, much to his surprise the door opened, it was not locked. He stepped into the office carefully and there was Mandelson, on the floor with his back and head rested against the desk, apparently asleep.

“Wakey wakey Mandelson!” George bellowed, was the man becoming senile already? Peter did not stir. George rolled his eyes and went to shake Peter to wake him up. As George reached Peter he panicked. Blood was pouring from slashes all the way up Peter’s left arm. It dawned on George, Mandelson wasn’t asleep, Mandelson was dying or even dead. The Tory fumbled for Peter’s right wrist, trying to take a pulse that was barely there. “Oh dear god!” George said realising that he was losing the Lord. He ran back down to the office where the parliamentary staff worked.”Some one call an ambulance!” He shouted as soon as he got into the office. People looked up at him wondering what was going on. “Well go on!” One aide got the message and began to ring the emergency services.

“Where do we need them?” The aide asked, a mixture of curiosity, panic and concern in her voice.

“Lord Mandelson’s office and tell them to hurry up!” George answered watching eyebrows everywhere shoot up.

“Peter?” George swivelled around and there was Prescott. “What’s wrong with Peter?” Genuine concern was spread over Peter’s colleague’s face.

“Follow me.” George said quietly and guided Prescott to where Peter was lying. George kneeled down and checked his pulse, it was worse than before. John knelt beside his friend, dumbstruck by the sight that was in front of him.

“For god’s sake Peter, don’t die.” John muttered, a tear falling down his cheek. George felt the boundaries of politics been knocked down one by one. He found himself out of instinct or human kindness, placing an arm around the labour peer. Soon the medics arrived and started tending to the dying Peter Mandelson who seemed to be clinging to life by the smallest of margins. All of Westminster came alive with gossip and nosey onlookers gathered around as Peter was being wheeled out. George couldn’t help but think that if Mandelson had been capable of thought that he would have made some joke about the situation. John and George followed the medics and Peter all the way up to where the loaded him into the ambulance. By this point John was physically shaking and was guided to a seat by Gordon Brown who had turned up on hearing the news. As the ambulance pulled off George tried to make a quiet get away but instead found himself collared by an irate Harriet Harman.

“What the fuck happened?” She snarled

“I don’t know I just found him there, blood everywhere.” He answered and made a quick getaway toward the conservative part of the houses of parliament. He walked past Ed Miliband who was in tears being consoled by his older brother. Jack Straw and Gordon Brown were tending to John Prescott. In fact, much to George’s surprise half of labour was consoling the other half. He never knew Peter was that loved like that. He finally got to the government offices, Nick and David were already there, staring at the breaking news on T.V.

“Holy Fuck.”


Much to George’s surprise PMQ’s wasn’t cancelled, as George looked across the floor and to the Labour benches, he found them much more subdued. Ed Miliband still looked as if he was going to break down and most of the front bench was preoccupied. David got up and made his opening answer, the usual acknowledging all the dead soldiers, this was where George usually tuned out, but not today. “....and I think the house will join me in hoping that Lord Mandelson makes a full recovery. This came as quite a shock to all of us and we all hope he can return to politics as soon as possible”

“Hear hear.” The house seemed to say in unison with the exception of Ed Miliband who was now griping his hand tightly. Thanks to Peter most of the questions were about mental health, something David had not prepared and attempted to blag his way through it

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Mandelson planned this.” The Prime Minister joked to George in between questions. George nodded, his mind preoccupied. To George the last thing he would have thought of Mandelson is that he was vulnerable, in fact general consensus was that Peter was the exact opposite. His nickname the Prince of Darkness hardly let onto the fact that he was emotional. George settled back on the bench. What had happened to Peter, had switching government been that emotionally heart breaking for him? Soon PMQ’s was over and George, Nick and David made their way back to their offices.

“God, what was with the opposition today? They barely scored a hit.” Nick said as they entered the government offices. George relieved himself of his tie and jacket.

“Obviously the spell that is the dark lord doesn’t work when he’s unconscious.” David laughed. “I just hope he’s back soon because this is far too easy.”

It was another nine days before Mandelson came round. George thanked god that it hadn’t of been longer, he couldn’t stand the media circus around it, even Nick Robinson had been drawn in. He already knew that most of the labour leadership, or lack of it as was the current state of the opposition, had been to visit Peter. George looked at his papers on his desk, everywhere he looked he saw Mandelson. This whole business had brought up new questions about mental health and the government was being bombarded with it. George was sure Peter didn’t mean for the press back lash to be so big but that didn’t stop him hating the man whose life he had saved. There was a rap on the door and then Andy Burnham came in followed by Ed Miliband. The only two members of the shadow cabinet that George could stand.

“Hello George. How are you finding government?” Burnham asked sincerely as he took a seat.

“It would be a lot better if Peter hadn’t decided to try and top himself.” George grumbled. “Mind you he was always awkward.”

“Ha yes quite, it’s actually Peter that gave us the reason to visit.” Andy said quickly diverting the subject because Ed was now clenching his fist, obviously he wasn’t seeing the funny side of the quip. “Have you heard? He’s came round.”

“Yes we heard. It would be hard not to as every atom of the media is obsessed with it.” George thought back to Nick’s rant about it. He had burst into Spanish then Dutch then German then back into English, which George and David found highly amusing.

“Yes well he’s been asking who saved him and no one wishes to tell him. So we were hoping you could pop along.” Andy said truthfully. He knew no one wanted to tell Peter who had saved him for fear that he would either go ballistic or sink back into a coma.

“Your lot too afraid to do it?” George asked teasingly.

“Yup.” Andy replied, seeing no point in trying to dress it up.

“Fine. Just you owe me Burnham.” George said rising to his feet and putting on his jacket.

“Thanks and I do have a first name.” Andy said laughing as he left, closely followed by Ed who hadn’t said a word. George shook his head, what was labour coming to? He picked up his car keys and headed for the car park.


George turned on the radio. Stupid traffic, he thought, I must have word with Boris about it. The news came on and much to George’s despair, Peter Mandelson was the headline yet again. Finally after half an hour of traffic jams George finally reached the hospital where Peter was being treated. George got through the security cordon and headed up to Peter’s room, not knowing what to expect. He entered into the private room and found the Lord, much to the chancellor’s surprise, sitting reading over papers and documents. “Hello George. Why are you here?” Peter said coolly still reading over some notes.

“To see you why else?” George said patronisingly. Peter finally tossed his notes to one side and removed his glasses.

“Yes but why are you here to see me? Did Cameron send you as some little media token?” Peter said icily. He had been in a foul mood ever since he woke up. No one knew why, he just wouldn’t be warm to anyone.

“No I came here to check on you. It may seem weird to you Mandelson but I do have a heart you know and I genuinely have been worried, especially... well ... since...” George couldn’t finish, he looked down at his hands. He found the images of a dying Peter very hard to face.

“Go on.” Peter said raising an eye brow.

“I was the one who found you Peter. I saw you there. Do you realise how much that scared me? You could have died.” George said almost silently.

“That was rather the point and if you’re here to ask me why I did it then you can piss off now.” Peter said, tring to come to grips that he had been saved by a Tory twat, no not just a Tory twat but George Osborne. They had once been friends. In fact after the infamous Corfu holiday they were almost best of pals, but then Peter had returned to Brown’s government and the friendship had turned sour. George was taken aback. What did he say next now that the obvious choice had been ruled out? Peter was obviously not in the best of moods making George think very carefully about each syllable of each sentence.

“I believe you do owe me some explanation.” He said finally. For the first time the two men’s eyes met and for a moment Peter’s features softened at the helpless look of George, but quickly became harsh again.

“It’s none of your concern.” Peter snapped quickly.

“Yes it is I don’t want to one day walk into your office and fin you dead do I?” George replied with anger in his voice.

“To be honest I don’t think you’ll have much of a say in it.” Peter said through gritted teeth, his arm stinging like mad.

“Peter why? I mean c’mon you have a good career and you never ever seem phase by anything. Why on earth would you of all people want to top yourself?” George asked, flailing his arms around like Nick when he’s making an impassioned speech.

“Oh yes! To everyone else I must seem perfectly fine and because everyone thinks that then it must be true.” Peter remarked with vicious sarcasm. “Has it ever crossed your posh, useless, Tory mind that there might be more to my life than fucking politics?” George was speechless. He couldn’t believe it. Mandelson had a temper! “No because everyone always sees me as the bloody dark lord or some bullshit like that. No one ever seems to care that there might actually be a person hiding behind all that.”

“Peter I..I never knew.” George immediately regretted saying it as soon as it passed his lips.

“Well no one does.” Mandelson replied. “I think you should go to be honest.” Peter said after a minute’s awkward silence. George nodded, acknowledging that he had been defeated he left but this was not over not by a long shot.
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